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4 Tips For Vacationing In Amish Country

by Andrea Ortiz

A trip to Amish country for a vacation might not sound like the most exciting experience, but in reality, it is one of the best decisions you and your family could make. If you are planning a vacation in Amish country, here are some tips you should know before heading there. 

Cash Is a Must

In the rest of the country, debit and credit cards are swiped on a regular basis. However, in Amish country, you could be at a major disadvantage when shopping if you only have plastic on hand. Since there is no electricity, there is no way to process electronic payments. There are many arts and crafts stores scattered throughout the land and you want to make sure you have the funds available to take advantage of them. Remember to take along cash for shopping on your trip.

Research the Culture

There are many customs and traditions of the Amish people that differ from what you might see on an average day in your life. As a visitor, it is important that you respect your hosts and their culture. To ensure that you do not overstep your boundaries, it is a good idea for you and your family to briefly study the customs of the culture. While traveling, if you are unsure whether or not an action would be considered to be disrespectful, ask. 

Be Careful With Photography

Amish people do not believe in posing for pictures because it is considered to be a prideful act. However, you can take pictures of the countryside, farms, and public places. If you are unsure whether or not you are allowed to take a picture in a certain area, ask for permission first. 

Practice Extreme Caution While Driving

It is important that you slow your pace when you reach Amish country. Horses and buggies are used by many families in the area and horses can be easily spooked at the sound of a horn. You also run the risk of having an accident with a buggy. In addition to slowing down, you need to be extra cautious when traveling at night. Some buggies are not equipped with reflectors and streetlights are not available. 

A vacation to Amish country can be an enlightening and fun experience. While there, it is important to be mindful of your surroundings and the people. Do not be afraid to ask whether or not something is right or wrong while traveling.