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Simple Kid Crafts To Use Up Extra Paint

by Andrea Ortiz

You've just completed a big paint project and now you have a bunch of leftover paint. There's not enough to do another project, but you still don't want to waste it. Do you have kids? Here are some simple crafty ways to let your kids use up that extra paint:

Fling Paint Art

Flinging paint is so much fun for kids. They love that they get to make a mess. The result is really pretty and you can proudly hang it on a wall for all to see.

You can use many different things as canvases for fling art:

  • Artist canvas
  • Cardstock
  • White sheet
  • Foam board

Set up your canvas outside by leaning it against something. If you don't want the surrounding area to get covered in paint then lay down a plastic sheet. You might still have one from your big paint project. For a canvas like cardstock, you will want to hang it from a line with clips.

Once the canvas is in place, let the kids dip paintbrushes of different sizes into the paint and fling it toward the canvas. The more colors the better the result.

If you used a white sheet, wash it once the paint dries. This will soften the paint a little and you can actually use it on your child's bed.

Utensil Dipping

Decorate your cooking and eating utensils with leftover paint. This is a project that you will love the result and your kids will love getting to help with. This project works with any type of kitchen utensils made from metal, plastic, or wood.

All you have to do is pour the leftover paint into a tall container, such as a tall cup. Let your kids dip the handles of the utensils into the paint.

When one color dries, you can have the kids dip the handle only partway into another color if you want a more colorful utensil.

Colored Vases

Colored vases look great in the home. You can even use these as gifts for other people. Make sure the recipient knows that your kids helped.

You need to use thick plastic vases for this project because little hands might drop glass ones.

Pour some paint into the vase and then let your kids swirl the paint around inside. They need to place the vase side ways and roll it back and forth to coat the sides. You can even let a couple kids roll the vase back and forth on the floor. Just make sure to place a plastic sheet down to catch messes.

These simple crafts use up leftover paint and keep your kids entertained.

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