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Three Reasons To Buy A Thick Pen

by Andrea Ortiz

If you've used a conventional ballpoint or ink pen for the majority of your life, you're likely very familiar with its diameter. Although these pens can differ in diameter to a small degree, they're typically on the thinner side. While you might enjoy how these pens look and feel, it's worthwhile to consider buying a thicker pen next time you're at a store that specializes in writing instruments. At first, there's no denying that a thick pen can feel a little strange in your hand. Give it some time, however, and you'll quickly grow to appreciate the benefits of a thicker tool with which to write. Here are three reasons that you'll enjoy a thicker pen.

Less Hand Fatigue

One thing that you may notice upon using a thicker pen is that your writing hand becomes less fatigued. When you write with a thin pen, you often need to exert more pressure to hang onto the instrument. This can especially be true if you have large hands. Over time, this pressure can obviously lead to fatigue — perhaps prompting you to put the pen down and shake your hand every so often. A thicker pen can fit more comfortable into your hand, and you may realize that you aren't having to squeeze it as tightly when you write

A Satisfying Weight

After you've written with a thick pen for a short length of time, you may realize that you appreciate the weight of this writing instrument. Thin pens, especially when they're made of plastic, are generally very light. Conversely, thick pens, especially when made of wood, metal, and other similar materials, can have a good weight to them. It might be difficult for you to put into words, but there's a strong probability that you'll appreciate the extra mass of a thick pen — perhaps to the point that it feels strange to go back to a lighter model.

More Awareness

When you carry a thin, lightweight pen in your pocket, you might not always be aware of its presence. However, when you upgrade to a thick pen that is heavier, you'll know that it's safely tucked into whatever pocket you've chosen. It's a good feeling to know that your pen is on your person, especially if you need to use it frequently throughout the day. Visit your local pen store to test out some thick pens and consider buying one to replace the thin pens that you've been using.

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