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Three Reasons To Collect 1:64 Diecast Cars

by Andrea Ortiz

For anyone who is interested in cars, whether they favor modern race cars, vintage sports cars, or something in between, it can be enjoyable to slowly build a collection of diecast vehicles. A lot of diecast car enthusiasts who have collections tend to focus on one particular scale of the vehicle. Diecast cars are available in many different scales, but there are a few that tend to be popular. One popular option is 1:64 scale, which means that the model car is 1/64 of the size of the car that it's depicting. Here are three reasons to focus on this scale for your collection.

Affordable Prices

There are many factors that influence how much money you'll spend when you buy any given diecast car. Those that are on the smaller side will generally be more affordable than their larger counterparts. For example, if you're looking at a 1:64 scale model and a 1:12 model that depict the same vehicle, the former will cost a fraction of the price of the latter. The affordability of 1:64 diecast cars means that you can build a collection even if you have a tight budget. With a larger budget, you can buy a significant number of these vehicles without spending too much money.

Less Storage Space

It can also make sense to collect 1:64 diecast cars because of their small size. As your collection grows, you need to think about how much space it will take up in your home. For example, if you eventually collect 50 cars, having all of these cars in the 1:64 size will consume much less space than if you were to have 50 cars in a larger scale. If you want to display your collection on some shelves in your home, it will be easier to have more cars on display if they're smaller.

Better For Kids

Some diecast car collectors share their cars with their children, giving kids a chance to handle the cars and play with them on the floor. If you have children and have this mindset, 1:64 scale cars will be a better choice. They're the same scale as many children's toy cars, which will allow your kids to include some of your cars in their play sessions with their own vehicles. If you're interested in buying diecast cars in 1:64 scale or in any other scale, look for an online retailer that specializes in these collectibles.